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Grief Counseling

Grieving can be a long and difficult process, but here at Utah Bereavement, our caring professionals can provide support to those suffering, help those who need to rebuild, and guide individuals back to happiness through the healing journey.

We target all 6 stages of grief to provide the most helpful care necessary.

  • Denial – Denial is a common part of the grieving process, and is the brain’s way of ensuring you don’t get overwhelmed by negative emotions. It can appear in many forms such as avoidance, numbness, and disbelief. All of these symptoms are very common in individuals facing loss.
  • Anger – In the second step of grieving, It is extremely common to feel anger. By becoming angry, you provide a reason to blame someone, perhaps a doctor, yourself, or even the person you’ve lost. However, once dealt with, anger can help you learn to forgive and release the tense emotions.
  • Bargaining – During this step it is common for individuals to reach out for help to express their emotions on the recent loss. This is a great sign that you are one foot closer to recovery.
  • Depression – Depression is one of the more frequent emotions that appears throughout the grieving process. Individuals may regret not making more of an effort to see their loved one, or perhaps spoke poorly with them before death, which can cause the domino effect of helplessness – but it is important to remember that you are not alone.
  • Acceptance – This is the final step towards moving on. Individuals will find themselves exploring options for a positive future. During this stage it is extremely helpful to confide in loved ones and a professional to help move forward from the pain of grieving.
  • Physical Symptoms – Grieving can take a toll on your health, whether it is deterioration due to the loss or a sickness brought on by depression. Stress can be unbearable and can reveal itself as physical symptoms such as stomach aches, nausea, pain, fatigue and even weight loss/weight gain. These symptoms can be present throughout the grieving process.

It is important to allow yourself to mourn your loss.  Doing so allows you to grow from the grieving process.  Not doing so can leave lasting psychological damage.

At Utah Bereavement, we are here to guide individuals through these stages of grief and to accept the loss for what it is. Being honest with your counselor about the new emotions arising, is always the best option and can aid in the grieving process.  Our caring team of professionals are here to guide you on your journey to acceptance and teach coping skills that will aid you through your life.