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Psychotherapy sessions

Psychotherapy is a method used by licensed professionals to help individuals overcome specific problems. It can be used to identify issues such as anxiety, depression, and new addictions caused by grief and other challenging circumstances.

There are many types of psychotherapy, some of which include:

  • Dialectical (cognitive) behavioral therapy, or CBT for short, teaches behavioral skills to handle stress and emotion.
  • Acceptance & commitment therapy help individuals become aware of their thoughts and to begin accepting them.
  • Psychodynamic & psychoanalysis therapies – This increases awareness of unconscious thoughts and behaviors and will create new motivations in order to rebuild a healthy lifestyle.
  • Supportive psychotherapy reinforces your ability to manage stress and difficult situations

At Utah Bereavement, we understand that it is common to feel vulnerable, frustrated and defeated during life’s challenges, especially during a grieving process; however, we encourage individuals to take the leap towards healing and a happier, healthier life by providing a safe, comfortable environment where challenges can be shared openly.

With the help of our caring professionals, you can overcome your grief in order to grow towards a full, more positive lifestyle.